A Journey towards Knowledge that Liberates

New Era envisions attaining academic excellence by enhancing scientific temperament, problem solving skill, communication skills, critical thinking, creativity and co-operative learning to make students life-long learners. We expect our students to be able to apply their knowledge in the interest of school, community, nation, and the world as a whole.
New Era senior secondary school strives to nurture the unique qualities in each child by providing a varied range of experiences from social to technological, from age old to contemporary. The school strives to inculcate in the students qualities of the head, heart and hand. It makes them responsible citizens who can exercise wisdom, give leadership and commitment to preserving the environment and understand humanity in all its diversity.

Whats up @New Era

  • 30-Apr-2016
    Congratulations to all students for shining in second round of Science, Math and Cyber Olympiad (2015-16) organised by Science Olympiad Foundation. National Science Oly...
  • 29-Apr-2016
    Proud moment for us. New Eraites shines in IIT - JEE exams. Congratulations to all.   
  • 29-Apr-2016
    Congratulation to Kulveer Singh (III) for getting 8th rank in Final Round of Marrs Spell Bee International Championship 2014-15 held in Mumbai on 24th April 2016.
  • 29-Apr-2016
    Mokshit Joshi (IV) won Budding Star Award in Final Round of Marrs Spell Bee International Championship 2014-15 held in Mumbai on 24th April 2016. Congratulations to Mokshit.
  • 28-Apr-2016
    New Era Senior Secondary School lifted the Champion Trophy of  State basketball League Championship 2015-16 along with Prize of Rs.5 Lacs.  Congratulations to the players ...
  • 27-Apr-2016
    Congratulations to Participants and Science teachers for winning First Prize in Model Making Competition organised by Vrajbhoomi International School, Anand. Participants : Group...
  • 27-Apr-2016
    Harshita Goyal (XII) won First Prize while Drvuvi Patel (VII), Manvi Mehrotra (IX) ,Hemakshi Vala (XII) won Second Prize and Tanisha Arande (VIII) won Third prize in the drawin...
  • 23-Apr-2016
    Mrs. Anuradha Kacker, Mrs. Meena Rana, Mrs. Linata Arande and Mrs. Rupa Mehta sucessfully completed Four days programme on Core skills organised by British Council at Ahmedabad.&nbs...
  • 18-Apr-2016
    Congratulations to R.Pritika (X) for winning First Prize and Anshita Das (X) for winning Second Prize in drawing competition organised by  Vadodara Heritage Club on topic "...
  • 27-Feb-2016
    Congratulations to Aseem Godbole (X) and Rishwin Lal (IX) for winning Nanubhai Amin Award for Innovative Science with cash prize of Rs.12500/- for their project Bio-Mass Energy...
  • 27-Feb-2016
    Congratulations to Rahul Bhakhle (XI) for winning Telescope in Poster Presentation and Siddharth Dangi (XI) being the Center Topper and winning Rasberry Pi Computer at PRL (Phy...
  • 25-Feb-2016
    Congratulations to Siddharth Dangi (II) and Yashvi Patel (IX) for winning in All India Essary Writing Event 2015 organised by Shri Ram Chandra Mission in collaboration with UNIC (Un...
  • 22-Feb-2016
    Congratulations to all teachers and students..... Our School has won Awards for : 1) Best Community Outreach  2) Best Use of Social Media  3)  Maximum E-...
  • 22-Feb-2016
    Congratulations to New Era Basketball Team Under 16 for winning Runners Up Trophy of Gujarat State Khel Mahakumbh Basketball Championship.    
  • 20-Feb-2016
    Congratulations to Vatsal Gandhi (V) and Vedant Vaghela (VI) for securing Third Position in Scipotech organised by Poddar World School, Sama.
  • 20-Feb-2016
    Congratulation to Manvi Mehrotra (VIII) and Epshita Chakraborty (VIII) for securing Third Position in SciPoTech at Podar World School.      
  • 18-Feb-2016
    Congratulations to Heerak Vora (VII) for securing First Position - Gold Medal at State Level in Lawn Tennis U-13 years boys at Khel Mahakumbh 2016. He is eligible to receive Rs.5000...
  • 17-Feb-2016
    Congratulations to Dhruvi Patel (VI) for winning First Prize and Anchita Das (IX) for winning Second Prize in Kala Junction United Way of Baroda Poster Making Competition. Congratul...
  • 15-Feb-2016
    Ms. Susmita Basu and Ms. Geeta Iyer attended workshop " Importance of being knowlege Whizz" by Collins organised at New Era Senior Secondary School.
  • 15-Feb-2016
    Congratulations to Epshita Chakraborty (VIII) and  Amlan Behra (VIII) for securing First Runner up prize in Knowledge Whizz quiz competition organised by Collins.
  • 14-Feb-2016
    Congratulations to Kulveer Singh (II) for securing Fourth Rank and Nivedita Bakshi (II) for getting Seventh Rank in spellB Championship at National Level with cash prize of Rs....
  • 11-Feb-2016
    Congratulations to Vatsal Gandhi (V) who has been selected in top Ten at National Level for participating in online AviskarQuiz December 2015 by CBSE. He has been awarded cash ...
  • 03-Feb-2016
    Congratulations to  Vishwa Shah (VIII), Sneh Menghani (VIII) , Prapti Sonavne (VIII) and Tanisha Arande (VII) for being the part of Baroda District Basketball Team an...
  • 29-Jan-2016
    In Navneet drawing competition 800 students participated from our school out of which following students won the prize while two students- Aditi Ghosh (VI) and Anchita Das (IX) ...
  • 25-Jan-2016
    Congratulations to Shourya Vaghela (VII) for winning Third Prize and Hemakshi Vala (XI) for winning Second Prize in ONGC Poster making competition in Group B and C respectively.
  • 25-Jan-2016
    Congratulations to Pal Patel (III) for Third Position, Bhavya Desai (IV) and Oliva Dona Chal (IX) for  Consolation Prize in Open Baroda Drawing Competition organised by Bal Bha...
  • 20-Jan-2016
    Congratulations to Heerak Vora(VII) for standing First at District Level in Lawn Tennis at Khel Mahakumbh 2016. He will now participate at the state level.
  • 18-Jan-2016
    Tapasya Shah (VII) secured SECOND position in Lawn Tennis Event (Under 13 Girls) at Vadodara District Level in Khel Mahakumbh 2015-16.
  • 10-Jan-2016
    New  Era school lifted Runner Up trophy of open Baroda basketball tournament organised by Balbhavan. Congratulations to team members and Hitesh Sir.  
  • 09-Jan-2016
    Congratulations to Diya Parikh (II) for getting 3rd runner up trophy in UCMAS International Competition, held at Delhi.
  • 08-Jan-2016
    Congratulations to Kulveer Singh (II) for getting Second Position at State Level in Mars International Spell Bee competition
  • 01-Jan-2016
    Congratulations to Karen Johnson (XI) for getting Laureate Prize for Creative Writing from Katha at the National Level.
  • 19-Dec-2015
    Kuddos to our Athletic Team for winning Overall Champion's Trophy in FIRST Gyan Sarovar Sahodaya Athletic Meet 2015 at MSU Pavalian. 32 CBSE schools participated with ...
  • 19-Dec-2015
    Our school participated in Regional Level CBSE Science Exhibition 2015-16. One of our school project made by Sooraj Bhadania (XI) and Archit Rajbhar (XI) was selected for the &...
  • 18-Dec-2015
    Epshita Chakraborty (VIII) and Hitkarsh Singh (IX)  won First Prize in Interschool Science Quiz organised by Balbhavan. Congratulations.
  • 17-Dec-2015
    We are hosting CBSE Regional Level Science Exhibition 2015-16 from 17-19 th December with the theme : Science and Mathematics for Inclusive Development. There are 6 sub th...
  • 17-Dec-2015
    Congratulations to Sneh Patel (VI), Vrishin Shah (VII) and Reuben George (VIII) for winning Runners Up Trophy in Mar  philoxenos Inter school Quiz Competition organis...
  • 09-Dec-2015
    Congratulations to Manav Patel (VIII) for winning FOURTH prize at the regional level in CBSE - INDIA AFRICA forum summit creative expression contest held at NEW DELHI 26-29th Oct.20...
  • 05-Dec-2015
    Tarun Agrawal (X), Abhijay Bhasin (X), Arkaprabha Banerjee (X) and Dhananjay Mishra (X) got SECOND PRIZE in Earthquake tips Interschool Quiz organised by NICEE, IIT Kanpur and BMTPC...
  • 05-Dec-2015
    Congratulations to Deep Amin for winning Gold Medal in time trial event in National Skating Competition 2015-16 held at Belgam (Karnataka).
  • 06-Nov-2015
    Congratulations to Deep Amin (X) for bagging Two Gold Medals in 500m and 1000m in CBSE West Zone Skating Competition held at Surat. He is now selected for Nationals.
  • 06-Nov-2015
    Preetdeepan Pradhan(XII Science) and Ashwin Nambiar (XII science) stood FIRST in RBI Interschool quiz competition at zonal level. They will go for Nationals. Congratulations to them...
  • 05-Nov-2015
    Shreay Upadhyay (IX) and Vishesh Malewar (IX) won First Prize in Inter School Math Quiz Competition held at DPS Harni.​Congratulations
  • 05-Nov-2015
    Students won Second Prize in Puppet show on the theme “ Science and Tradition” at DPS Harni..  Students were  Riya Panchal (VII) , Ritti Thakker (VIII), Samidh...
  • 05-Nov-2015
    Vatsal Gandhi (V) and Amogh Bhamerkar (IV) won Third Prize in Inter School Computer Quiz Competition held at DPS harni. Congratulations ....
  • 02-Nov-2015
    Sanchita Sarkar (III) and Kashvi Shrivastava (IV) won Second Prize in Dialogue Dhamaka while â€‹Anchita Das (IX), Pooja Shah (IX) , Jahnavi Verma (X) and Aayushi Vasava (X) got S...
  • 02-Nov-2015
    Heerak Vora (VII) won Gold Medal in 61st National School Games 2015-16 under 14 boys Lawn Tennis.
  • 02-Nov-2015
    Tarun Agrawal(X) and Tejas Shajapurkar (X) were selected as Team Leader for two of the Gujarat Teams which is going for Nationals in National Children Science Congress organized by ...
  • 30-Oct-2015
    Congratulations to Siddharth Billimoria (V) for getting Second Prize in Carrom  Competition organised by Bright School, Vasna
  • 30-Oct-2015
    Congratulations to Tapasiya Shah (VII), Heerak Vora (VII) for securing First Prize and Nirva Patel (IX) for securing second prize in Open Baroda Tennis Tournament held at Pushpak Te...
  • 30-Oct-2015
    Ashutosh Bagchi (XI)  got First Prize and Siddharth Dangi (XI) got Second Prize in Vigilance Elocution competition organized by GAIL at K.V. EME. Congratulations to both.
  • 28-Oct-2015
    Congratulations to Vedant Patel (VIII),  Deepansh Chaturvedi (VII) ,Stavan Joshi (VII) and Sneh Patel (VI) of Group B category for securing Third Position in Che...
  • 28-Oct-2015
    Congratulations to Rahul Bakhle (XI), Tarun Agrawal (X) and Varun Muralidharan (IX) for getting Second Prize in Heritage Quiz organised at Bright CBSE, Vasna.
  • 28-Oct-2015
    Congratulations to Manav Patel (V), Sarvesh Kamankar (IV), Tanvi Gawli (IV) and Abhinav Bhatia (IV) for securing Second Position in Group A  in Chess Tournament organised ...
  • 27-Oct-2015
    Admission forms for class Nursery to XII will be issued from 23 November 2015.Time 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Admission process will begin from 24 November  2015.
  • 26-Oct-2015
    Congratulations to Bhavya Desai (IV) for winning in Inter School Drawing Competition organized by Bright Vasna CBSE.
  • 26-Oct-2015
    Congratulations to Shreeya Raghavan (VII) for winning Second Prize with Rs.5000/- and V. Pravatika(VII) for Third Prize with Rs.3000/- in Geeta Chanting Competition at the...
  • 20-Oct-2015
    New Era basket ball team lifted the champions trophy of Khel Maha Kumbh center zone league 2015 and Jhanvi Sriram (X) declared as the best basketball player of the championship. Con...
  • 17-Oct-2015
    Kuddos to Preetdeepan Pradhan (XII Science) and Ashwin Nambiar (XII Science) for securing SECOND position in IT Quiz organised by Navrachana University at the State Level. ...
  • 14-Oct-2015
    Congratulations to Preetdeepan Pradhan (XII Science) and Ashwin Nambiar (XII Science) for securing FIRST position in IT Quiz organised by Navrachana University at the City Level. Th...
  • 13-Oct-2015
    Congratulations to Anchita Das (IX) for winning GOLD MEDAL and Maitreyi Puntambekar (IX) for winning BROONZE MEDAL on International Level in THE QUEEN'S COMMONWEALTH ESSAY ...
  • 12-Oct-2015
    Congratulations to Basketball team girls team for winning league match against Gujarat Public School.Team is qualified for knock out round.
  • 06-Oct-2015
    I Love Reading Search for Excellence in Creative Writing results have been declared. Congratulations to the following children. Monalisa Das (IV C), Manav Patel (V C),  Mudi...
  • 04-Oct-2015
    Congratulations to Shreeya Raghavan (VII) for getting 1st Prize, V. Pravartika (VII) for getting 3rd Prize and Riya Panchal (VII) for getting 5th Prize in Geeta Chanting Compet...
  • 01-Oct-2015
    Our Gujarati Teacher Ms. Indu Joshi attended Seminar on "Creativity in Teaching in Languages" organised at Vidhayani School, Sama in remeberence of Late Smt. Savitaben Ami...
  • 18-Sep-2015
    Preetdeepan Pradhan and Ashwin Nambiar from XII science stood FIRST in RBI Interschool quiz competition conducted by RBI on 16/9/2015. Congratulations to them. They are qualified fo...
  • 04-Sep-2015
    Congratulations to Epshita Chakraborty and Jeet Shah of Class VIII for winning Third Prize in Inter School Quiz competition organised at Balbhavan. Kumar Anirudh and Deepansh Chatur...
  • 03-Sep-2015
    Two of our students : Hidayrajsinh Chauhan and Vaibhav Barodawala went to UK- London to participate in International Cricket Tournament.Congratulations to Hidayraj for winning&...
  • 01-Sep-2015
    Congratulations to Sheetal Yadav (IX)  for winning Third Prize in Essay Writing competition organised by Panshimanchal Hindi Prachar Samiti at BHS , Baghikhana on 1st Aug.2015....
  • 01-Sep-2015
    Congratulations to students and our teachers for getting second prize in Folk Dance Competition organised by Pashimachal Hindi Prachar Samati at KV. EME.  
  • 24-Aug-2015
    An orientation on Liberal Arts - a new discipline by Navarachana University was conducted by Ms. Vandana Talegaonkar  (Professor at Navrachana University) and her tea...
  • 24-Aug-2015
    Kuddos to Jhanvi Sriram (X) and Zeel Thakker (X)  for getting selected as members of probable Gujarat state team for National Championship which will be held at Ludhiana ,...
  • 24-Aug-2015
    Congratulations to our Students and Music Department for winning Encouragement Prize in Group Action Song competition organised by Socleen at Baroda High School , Alkapuri. Part...
  • 23-Aug-2015
    Tanisha Arande (VII) bagged 1st Prize with momento, certificate and cash prize of Rs.500 and Naiya Patel (VIII) bagged 3rd prize with certificate and cash prize of Rs.180 in dr...
  • 22-Aug-2015
    Congratulations to Avani Kendurkar (X) for getting consolation in Hindi Ashubhashan Competition organised by Pashimachal Hindi Prachar Samiti at DPS, Harni  . Maria Sandelwala ...
  • 21-Aug-2015
    Two Teachers Mrs. Anuradha Kacker and Mrs. Manju George attended Induction workshop of  “Microsoft Create to Inspire School Program” (MCTI) organised by &...
  • 21-Aug-2015
    Mrs. Rupa Mehta attended seminar on Challenges Oppurtunites and Solutions of 21st Century Schools by Mr. Rakshit Tandon organised by Educomp Solutions Limited at Royal Orchid, ...
  • 21-Aug-2015
    Shruti Joshi of our school received prestigious SARDAR PATEL AWARD(Jr. Category)as outstanding sportsperson in Badminton from Govt. of Gujarat.Congratulations to her.
  • 21-Aug-2015
    Congratulations to New Era football team for being Runner-Up in Under 14 years boys football tournament organised by Vadodara District Sports Authority under the banner of SGFI.&nbs...
  • 18-Aug-2015
    Our Principal and Ms. Sudha attended highly interactive financial workshop '"Principal - The CEO of the school" to leverage on 7 levers of highly effective princi...
  • 17-Aug-2015
    Group A students ,  Ashutosh Rudrabhatla (VI), Vatsal Gandhi (V) and Monalisa Das (IV) secured First position in Little Genius Quiz Competition held at D R Amin school on ...
  • 17-Aug-2015
    Congratulations to Pratyusharay Chaudhari (X) , Jiya Sirohi (IX) , Shital Yadav (IX) , Naiya Patel (VIII), Priyasha Walia (VIII), Ipshita Chakraborty (VIII) , Nandini Patel (VIII) a...
  • 12-Aug-2015
    Congratulations to Ms. Deepa Garg. She has been selected as a finalist for "The Education prize 2015 - Harnessing Innovation" by The Global Education and the Leadership Fo...
  • 12-Aug-2015
    Mrs. P.S. Kelkar and Mrs. Barnali Sengupta were the resource persons for CBSE Workshop on Co-Scholastic Skills held in DPS, Kalali on 6th and 7th August 2015.
  • 05-Aug-2015
    Two teachers, Ms. Sushmita Basu and Ms. Geeta Iyer attended India Heritage Quiz Workshop organised by Xpress Minds at Anandalaya , Anand.
  • 03-Aug-2015
    Epshita Chakraborty (VIII) and Arya Singh (VII) bagged Third prize in Interschool Science Quest (National Level) while Shreay Upadhayay (IX) and Vishesh Malevar (X) got Third Prize ...
  • 03-Aug-2015
    Congratulations to staff and students for winning VNM Environmental Excellence Award 2015 under the category of Green School. It is the cumulative effort of all which has made th...
  • 29-Jul-2015
    Our students participated in the "Gyan Vigyan - the Ultimate Science Fair" organised by Tejas Vidhyalaya on 25th July 2015. Our Senior team : Tarun Agrawal (X), Aseem...
  • 27-Jul-2015
    On July 25, 2015, more than 710 teachers participated in six different workshops on subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Hindi and another one for teachers o...
  • 24-Jul-2015
    Mr.E.Radhakrishnan , Police Commissioner Vadodara gave a motivational talk to our students urging them to tap their potentials and be a change agent in the society.
  • 20-Jul-2015
    The students cabinet went for a leadership workshop by Mr. Tripathi.
  • 17-Jul-2015
    New Era lifted Champions trophy of under 14 years inter school basket ball tournament organised by District sports office.
  • 13-Jul-2015
    Congratualations to Ms. Usha Vaghela, Ms.Adarsh Salooja, Ms.Sudha Iyer and Ms. Pinkle Singh for winning Global Teachers Accrediation Award (GTA) for 2015.
  • 27-Jun-2015
    Our English teacher Mrs. Manisha Jha attended an English workshop by Oxford Publication in Bright School, Vasna.
  • 27-Jun-2015
    Our Principal and Chemistry teachers attended a workshop on popularizing Chemistry in Anandalaya School conducted by Association of Chemistry Teachers.
  • 27-Jun-2015
    In the PRL (Physical Research Laboratory- Ahmedabad) second round conducted for celebrating Science day (28th February) Four students of class XII Science, Rudrashish, Harshil, Achi...
  • 21-Jun-2015
    New Era celebrates Internatioanl Yoga Day.....
  • 20-Jun-2015
    The Zealers club of our school under Baroda Management Association was awarded the First Runners up for the best management club in the city.   ...
  • 20-Jun-2015
    The Zealers club of our school under Baroda Management Association  won the 1st position in Business Model competition held at BMA office.
  • 20-Jun-2015
    The Zealers club of our school under Baroda Management Association won the first prize in the Presentation on WORKPLACE OF 2050 at Taj Hotel and received the award from Mr...
  • 18-Jun-2015
    Four teachers were selected for the GTA (global teacher Accrediation ) project. They had successfully completed their projects. Three teachers Mrs. Adarsh Salooja, Mrs. Usha Vaghela...
  • 02-May-2015
    Mrs. Anuradha Kacker , Social Studies teacher received the Flinnt Award for innovative use.
  • 29-Apr-2015
    Awani Kendurkar -X B won the First prize and Maria Sandalwala - X B won the Third Prize in Declamation Competition in DPS Harni.
  • 23-Apr-2015
    Kudos to New Era Teachers for winning in Innovative Teaching Practices in Navrachana University, Vadodara ! Mrs. Manisha Jha got First prize in English, Mrs.Linata Arande First...
  • 26-Mar-2015
    New Era Organised two workshops for its educators to hone their skills.
  • 03-Mar-2015
    Interact club of New Era and some enthusiastic students of class V taught the municipal school students some interesting scientific toys.They made a film and the film has won the de...
  • 01-Mar-2015
    Another Science teacher, Aditya Kavalanekar won the national gold medal in 'Katq ' on 1st March 2015
  • 28-Feb-2015
    Nandita Aich, our Science teacher received Prof. P.A.Pandya best science teacher award on 28th Feb 2015 organised by Gujarat Science Academy for innovating new approaches for teachi...

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