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Events Detail


In Navneet drawing competition 800 students participated from our school out of which following students won the prize while two students- Aditi Ghosh (VI) and Anchita Das (IX)  have been selected for National Level. Congratulations to all.

Group A :  Heer Shah (I) , Shruti Subramanian (I), Priya Shah (I), Darshi  Vakharia (II) , Navya Rawal (II), Kulveer Singh (II), Navya Sharma (III) , Vacha Shah (III) and Pal Patel (III)

Group B :  Pankti Patel (IV), Pahel Patel (IV), Monalisa Das (IV), Priyanshi Jogani (V) , Siddhi Kulkarni (V), Tanish Shukla (V), Aditi Ghosh (VI) , Maahir Malde (VI)

Group C : Manvi Mehrotra (VIII), Suryanshi Singh (VIII) , Anchita Das (IX)